5 Honest Tips on Blogging from a Blogger

Becoming a blogger or influencer still isn’t something that I feel is not very respected amongst those who have a traditional career. A corporate mind is tricky to shake and those who fully believe in the 9-5 hustle, don’t really understand what it is to want to do something different and begin a blogging career.

I began blogging gradually, I kept reinventing my brand until I got to the point that was working for me. In no way am I close to achieving the level of success that I want with my blog, but every day I’m putting in the effort and the time required to get out there, to connect and to come up with ways to become better. Read a little more about me here.

If you’re starting a blog, here are my top pieces of advice that I hope is worth more than two cents.

Learn to Play the Game

Social Media isn’t cut and dry, one day you think you know something and a new update will let you know, you know nothing and have to learn it all over again. It’s a constant cat and mouse game and it can get very frustrating trying to keep up with new platform changes when it took so long to establish a brand strategy that works for you. The fact of the matter is that you need to accept the game for what it is. Any moment, Instagram can launch a new feature that will make your flow rocky and you’ll have to revisit the way you communicate your content to your audience.

Know your Brand

When you think about what your brand represents, what does it look like? For me, I wanted a clean and cool aesthetic so that’s why for my Instagram Feed, I went with a light grainy look. I also wanted to make my brand feel personal, so incorporating¬†snippets of my everyday life on my stories is the perfect mix of fashion and personality. My blog is cleaner and I like to use high res images that will be suited for all social platforms.

Sit down and think about what is the main thing you love, what will never feel mundane and what do you truly care about? For me, it’s fashion, I’ve loved it since I was little trying to put outfits together influenced by some of the greats, Punky, Kelly K. and Blossom. So it was a no-brainer to be able to combine the smaller loves of my life with my great one.

Invest your Time

I get it, we’re all busy, but if you don’t put the time into writing, creating content, and sticking to a schedule, you’ll be left eating someone else’s dust who is willing to do all that. ¬†The world of influencers is getting more and more saturated by the day, but you can stand out. Be yourself because the comparison game is what will kill you slowly.

I used to compare and even copy other bloggers until I decided that I didn’t need to, I needed to be what I am and if someone had an issue with it, the unfollow button is right there. No hard feelings, they were just not my audience.

The Privacy Act

This is one that I struggle with every day. We’ve become a society of over-sharers and the part of me that wants to succeed at blogging is constantly at war with the part of me who enjoys her privacy and doesn’t like to expose herself to the world. I don’t like to be the center of attention, I like to blend in and be “normal”, but in the blogging world, you must stand out in order to do it right. So what’s a girl to do?

I’ve slowly been adding bits of my life to my stories in order for my audience to get to know me and for me to feel more comfortable. One thing I’m still struggling with is video; turning the camera on yourself is much harder than focusing it on your surroundings. So I’m trying to do that a little more. If you’re a big privacy person and value it more than anything, then you may want to reconsider blogging.

Get to Know your New World

So here you are, your site is up, your following is growing by the day, but now what? It can get very lonely, so start joining Facebook groups, attend events and create relationships with other bloggers on a local and even international level! Thankfully for us all, this monster is global and the sky is the limit!

I’m expanding my brand by featuring more of myself in terms of my Spanish roots. I’ve started translating my Instagram captions and connecting with Spanish bloggers that are just as eager to get to know me! Who knows when you are able to help someone out and will need assistance in the future. Treat this new venture as a cool place you can escape to and keep connecting. It feels amazing to chat with someone who totally gets you, who knows the struggle you’re in and basks in the joy it can bring.

Have any tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!

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