¡hola! i’m maría

I began PAMI Lifestyle as a way to channel my creativity and have a space that I can call my own. I’ve been writing since the age of twelve and have had an interest in style since then too. As a young girl, I put together outfits that inspired me based on the time’s greatest influencers: Punky, Blossom, Kelly K.; like I said, greats. I would model them in front of the mirror and see what other styles I could come up with; I could spend hours doing this. Unfortunately, I never took full advantage of the 90s like I wish I had, I was a shy girl and didn’t have the confidence to pull off the OOTD’s that I was putting together. This blog is making up for lost time! I’ve got the confidence now and I love getting creative and basically wearing what I want no matter what the style books say.

if you’re maría, then who’s Pami?

Pami, is none other than Señora Palmira, my maternal grandmother who besides being the namesake of this entire operation, is my inspiration for basically anything creative that I’ve had to do with since my inception.

Abuela Pami lives in our momma country: España. I see her every year and growing up, I was lucky enough to learn from her and watch her in her element every day. Pami made a living as a seamstress in our town of O Pindo in Galicia. She was the main gal you went to for an update on your wardrobe every season. As a teenager, my mother helped her out and made most of her outfits which she rocked at town dances and fiestas; even when she met my father.

My Pami’s entire side of the family is saturated with creatives and artists; I’m in damn good company. Even though I do not make clothes, paint, sketch, draw or do ceramics, sculptures, write poetry or make entire model ships from scratch, I create content and style. I have no doubt that if my Abuela was in her prime in this century, she would have been an amazing fashion designer. “Who are you wearing!??” — “I’M WEARING A PAMI ORIGINAL!” Yep.

what’s your day job?

I’m a creative at heart, visuals and planning was something that has always been a part of who I am. Which is why social media marketing is what I’ve gravitated to.  I am self-taught and driven by the cultural takeover of social media creating content strategies for brands of all bandwidths while helping to grow and reshape new and existing platforms for optimal results.

Curating a love affair dating back to the first days of Facebook Business Pages, I’ve garnered expert knowledge of the industry since its infancy, watching it grow and continuing to evolve.

I love to create smart strategies with matching results giving brands the edge they crave on platforms across the board putting them ahead of the competition.

Wanna know more? Email me at pamiandme@gmail.com

anything else?

¡Sí! I live in Westchester County, New York (not upstate, it’s really not), I’m in NYC a lot. I have two yorkie mixes, Daddy and Monroe and two cats, Freddie Mercury and Telly Savalas and the new addition, Sparrow, a Shih tzu mix.  Of course, they have their own Instagram, so please do not overload on cuteness. It’s happened.

I’m in a book club and sometimes I’ll let you know my thoughts on our latest reads. We meet once every 6 weeks, review the book and drink wine. (We’re not a regular book club, we’re a cool book club).

My entire family is from Spain as you may have figured out if you’ve gotten this far, I was born in the US, grew up in Galicia and moved back to Westchester. I speak, read and write Castilian Spanish (yes, the one with the beautiful accent!) See Enrique’s interview here to get the gist of how gorge it sounds. I also speak Gallego, aka Galician, which is a Spanish language from the region of Galicia, think, Spanish and Portuguese made a baby.

I’m a tad bit OCD when it comes to keeping my things a certain way both physically and digitally. I’ve been practicing yoga for a year and I can’t believe I haven’t been doing it my whole life. It has seriously changed my lifestyle and the way I feel both physically and mentally. I used to scrapbook in college and have an affinity for photography. I root for Spain during the World Cup, not the US and I prefer tea over coffee; except during Pumpkin Spiced season, yes I’m basic like you. You may also find me in a chip aisle near you snagging a bag of Fiery Hot Cheetos, essentially my kryptonite. It’s quite possible you can make me do almost anything if you bribe me with this delicious orange treat. I’m a Scorpio, I like a dark smokey eye and prefer milk chocolate over dark; my favorite candle scent to burn is vanilla and Nocilla will always be way better than Nutella. Always. My favorite film is Fear, yes film; and I’m currently obsessed with rewatching 90s teen TV shows.

If you’re thirsty for more, which I can only imagine you are, check out 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me and The Bucket List Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by! I welcome you to be part of PAMI’s world and I hope to inspire you in some way.

With love + grattitude,