Here’s where I explain who I am, what I’m about and why I blog. So here goes…

I’m Maria, I’m 100% Spanish; that’s from Spain, not Puerto Rico, DR, Colombia or Brazil. Trying to clarify this as this has been a struggle to explain in the past; once I got Brazil as an identifier when I said I was Spanish, that boy was not very bright. I’m in love with that country, especially Galicia where my family lives. I grew up there and it will forever be one of the most precious places in the world to me.  

I live in Westchester, NY with my two yorkie mixes and two cats. I aspire to get a mini pig and adopt a pit bull, not sure if that combination will work, I will have to research more.

I love social media so much that I made it my career. I’ve worked with some of the most recognized national and global brands, I’ve owned my own business and even used to plan weddings; then I’ve decided I hate weddings.

My blog has gone through a few changes since inception, much like fashion, I like for it to evolve and keep it fresh matching my current lifestyle. I’ve found a niche that I feel goes wonderfully together and represents my interests at the current point in life. Style and wellness are two things that keep me inspired at all times to be better and look better. I’ve recently taken up a yoga practice that has changed the way I look at life dramatically. I will be exploring and growing my practice while simultaneously evolving my fashion style.

Some have wondered what PAMI means; she’s my wonderful abuela. She has been a constant inspiration throughout my entire life. Her real name is Palmira, but my abuelo called her Pami as his pet name for her. They were together for sixty-five years (65!!!!!) before he passed on February 1st, 2017. How absoulutely incredible is that?

My abuela is my creative inspiration and motivation. She comes from a family of creators and artists. She was a seamstress her whole life. Everyone in the small town of O Pindo would go to her to get their fashions. She was self taught and the first entrepreneur I’ve ever known. Watching her as a child and picking up scraps of fabric and yarn off the floor, I couldn’t help but try and emulate her by making clothes for my Barbies with my own little sewing machine. Though the seamstress life didn’t stick long term with me, the need to create did and that’s why I create content.

I welcome you to be part of Pami’s world and I hope to inspire you in some way.

With love + grattitude,