Adopt Don’t Shop! Meet Bongo + Zorro

Thank you Austin Humane Society for these amazing and shareable posters to create awareness for adopting pets.

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for all animals.  My husband and I are proud parents of two beautiful Yorkie mixes and two cats, one long-haired domestic who I’ve recently shaved, he’s not looking very even lately.  I’ll introduce my pack of goobers to you soon. 

To me animals are so amazing and I simply cannot understand when I hear stories about someone’s former pet being left on the side of a highway or tied to a bench in a suburban town, or even stuffed in a suitcase and left to die. 

All these horrible true stories, come from animals rescued at the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, NY.  I’ve been a huge supporter of this no-kill shelter and have been volunteering since 2011. I have been a Shelter Angel, this is when you donate monthly to an animal staying in the shelter until they are adopted. I’ve also put together an event where I’ve raised thousands of dollars and have worked with them to setup and manage their social accounts, for Twitter and Instagram. 

Nothing makes me sadder than to hear the heartbreaking stories these animals have lived, but in that same breath, the stories that are possible after the SPCA of Westchester is involved are truly inspiring and heart-warming. 

Every month, I will be highliging a cat and a dog that are up for adoption and share a bit of their story with you.  Please share with your network of animal lovers and whoever you think is in the market for a new family member. 

Without further ado… 


His Stats

Age – One-Year-Old

Breed – Spaniel Mix

Weight – 35 lbs.

In His Own Words:

“Hi! I’m Bongo, I was rescued from a high-kill shelter. That was a pretty dark time for me, but now I’m so happy to begin this new chapter in my life!  I really like humans, they make me laugh. But it does take a little bit for me to feel comfortable, so I may not laugh at your first joke. Once I’m out of my shyness funk though, I’m good to go! Literally, go. Go home with you.  

Humans are super fun, but I like to play with other dogs too. I think it’s important to take time to socialize with friends. Nurturing those relationships are as important as family in my book.

So the smell of summer’s in the air, and if there’s one thing I know is that humans tend to run around a lot in the woods and check out cool things like lakes and hanging near  logs and leaves. I love to do that! But listen, it’s not all me, me, me… I’m not Marsha Brady. I know you’ve been trying to keep up with your co-workers and beat their daily step goal with your FitBit. I understand how important that is too. I will get up with you and run and make sure that you are in tip-top shape! Think of it as an in-home personal training session. You can pay me in hugs and snacks, belly rubs are a favorite, keep that in mind. 

Stop by the SPCA of Westchester, I’d love to meet you and I promise, we’ll be fast friends.”  

*** Update: Bongo has been adopted!! There are more furry little guys at the shelter, and you can find them here

Now… Cats. 


His Stats

Age – Young

Breed – Domestic Short-Hair

Color – Black and White

In His Own Words:

“So I’m Zorro, I had a home once-upon-a-time, but how it happens sometimes, my beautiful family wasn’t able to continue to care for me. These things happen.  Thankfully, they were very smart and turned me over to the good people at the SPCA of Westchester, where they’re taking good care of me. 

It’s not that bad over here, I’m thinking this could be a nice opportunity to meet new people and find a new home. Essentially, I’m treating it like summer camp, I met some new friends and there’s a ton to do here. A place to play and socialize. However, I hope the stay here is short. I am too much of a sucker for a family to call my own. 

Come meet me! My schedule is sorta packed with, crawling through the cat play room at the shelter and that can be time-consuming, but I’ll pencil you in and make time for you to come visit.”

Interested in Bongo or Zorro? 

Please contact the SPCA of Westchester or simply stop by!


Make sure you let them know Maria sent you! x


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