Adopt Don’t Shop! Meet Cookie the Pitbull Mix + Sparky the Cat

Her Stats: 
Name – Cookie
Age – 6-7 Years Old
Breed – Pointer/Pit Bull Mix

In Her Own Words: 

“Ok, so what really can I say about me that you already don’t know? I have a small plush human on my back, of course I’m a riot! 

I’m super fun and loving and a bit of a goofball, is what I’ve been told, but in a good way! Not that really annoying kind… 

What else can I say about  myself… I hate writing these ads, but I sure like it when you come visit me at my temporary home, the SPCA of Westchester! Love the humans here, but I prefer a quiet home with no other animals, just me. This way I can really be that loving and loyal companion you need. I’m loads of fun, but I don’t like to share the spotlight, other pets cramp my style. 

Want to know more about me? 

Of course you do, email! Please do it now. I can’t wait to share my life with you.” 

His Stats:
Name – Sparky
Age – Adult
Breed – Long-Hair Domestic

In His Own Words:

“Cats are always up for a tragic tail, no? Given we have a sinister reputation. Well here is mine: 

Back in August of last year, me and my 17 other feline friends were the victims of a house fire where we were left homeless! It was very tragic and sad, but thankfully the SPCA of Westchester was kind enough to take me and friends in. Since then, some of us have found our Forever Homes, but others, like myself are still trying hard to find a place where snuggling is the norm and purring is welcomed. I like other cats too, so please, if you already have some kitty family members, I’ll be happy to become a welcomed addition! 

Sparky is the name, but shyness is my game. Only at first though. I promise that we’ll be the bestests friends!” 

Interested in meeting Cookie and Sparky?
Please contact the SPCA of Westchester or simply stop by!


Make sure you let them know Maria from Pami + Me sent you!

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