Adopt Don’t Shop! Meet McCorkle + Bertha

Meet McCorkle

His Stats

Age – Seven-Month-Old

Breed – Lab/Corgie Mix

In His Own Words: 

“Hi there. My name is McCorkle. I like to be social and play outside. Since I’ve only been around for a few short months, 2015 is definitely my year so far, I am still learning a lot! Right now in class, we’re being taught how to crate train so if you plan on taking me home, I’ll need you to help me continue my studies. I’m so excited for continuing education, I promise, I learn very quickly.

One of my favorite things is when you take me out for walks, but I have to be honest, I’m a bit of an attention hog and I rather have the road to myself. Other dogs walking around make me nervous. But please bring me to play-dates with your dog friends, I do like to have a circle to run with, it’s stranger dogs that I’m weary about. 

Since I’m still a pup-in-training, I think it would be best, (for now) to hang out with humans who are above the legal driving age. I think that will make me feel more comfortable. I can’t wait for you to help me and to graduate from the shelter life to an in-home schooling system. I promise I’m a good student and once I’m fully trained, I will be the bestest friend, I’ll have the diploma to prove it. Come visit me!!! “

Update: McKorkle was adopted thanks to the #ClearTheShelters movement that took place on Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meet Bertha

Her Stats

Age – Four-Years-Old

Breed – Tiger Mix

In Her Own Words:

“The name is Bertha and I need a hug. It’s been a bit hard to find a home and that’s what I want most in my life. I thankfully made my way to the loving SPCA of Westchester a few years back since the place I used to call home got a bit too crowded with other cats and animals. I’ve been in other homes since then and got to meet some lovely humans. But the two times that’s happened, my luck wasn’t long-term. The cute elderly ladies needed help of their own and had to move to a place where they could receive special care and I wasn’t allowed there. Believe me, if I could, I would have helped them! I grew so fond of them both. 

Now as you can tell by my face, I’m bit discouraged, but still trucking. I am a feline of hope and I know my permanent family is out there somewhere and they’ll come find me. I’ve heard the third time is a charm, plus my lucky number is three. 

I’ll need a good home where I can hang around the house and love you. I really do hate that reputation cats have about being snooty. I assure you, I won’t do any evil things, especially not to your furniture, I don’t have claws anymore, so I’ll be gentle. Hoping to see you very soon.”

Interested in meeting McCorkle or Bertha?

Please contact the SPCA of Westchester or simply stop by!


Make sure you let them know Maria from Pami + Me sent you! x


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