Adopt Don’t Shop! Meet Oliver + Bells

Image via SPCA of Westchester

His Stats

Age – Five-Years-Old

Breed – Shih Tzu/Spaniel Mix

Weight – 28 lbs.

In His Own Words: 

“Hello. Oliver is the name, huge personality is the game. I’m super friendly and playful when I’m excited. The one thing I’m not cool with is when my treats are exceptionally yummy and someone tries to take them, and I hear kids and other dogs like to do that so I would appreciate a single-dog home situation. 

That’s my only thing though, I promise. I will make you so happy! I’m small so I can fit right in your little nook when we’re cuddling. So come visit me and take me home.”

Image via SPCA of Westchester

His Stats

Age – Six-Years-Old

Breed – Domestic

In His Own Words: 

“Hi I’m Bells. I’ve been staying at the SPCA of Westchester ever since my former guardian moved to Chicago and couldn’t take me with him. It was a sad good-bye to say the least.  

I’m super sweet and friendly and though they take really good care of me here, I’m not very happy. I’m a house cat and I need to know that I have a guardian who loves me. It’s something I’ve always felt strongly about. So here I wait for you to come see me and take me with you. 

I’m real mellow, I’m not that type of cat that is curious about everything and has to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, I respect my family and I love it when they hold me. My favorite passtime is a bit of catnip, just on weekends, I assure you it’s not a problem. One last thing you should know, is I’m mostly a homebody the outdoors can be a scary place. So please make the call and make me the happiest kitty in the world! Ciao.”

Interested in meeting Oliver or Bells?

Please contact the SPCA of Westchester or simply stop by!


Make sure you let them know Maria from Pami + Me sent you! x


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