Bachelorette: Nine Girls Take on Atlantic City

Last weekend I attended my sister-from-another-mister’s bachelorette party. Pati’s getting married in November and after much deliberating on a place to celebrate, we decided to stay local and go down to Atlantic City. You may remember that last year I attended my friend Lauren’s bachelorette party; that was a destination, you can check it out here if you’re interested in Austin, Texas; which I think you should be.

The journey? Turnpike views and i95 sounds.

The final destination? Ocean Resort Casino.

The Destination

Though we were in New Jersey, the new hotel (formerly Revel) had serious South Beach vibes making us forget that we were so close to home. The decor is bright with ocean blue accents and sparkling decor pieces hanging from the walls and ceilings. We weren’t a gambling crew, so the casino itself wasn’t our jam, but we sure loved the cabanas at the pool! The section was low key, charming and to say we were ‘relaxed-to-the-max’ is an understatement.

The Swimwear

Since one-piece bathing suits are all the rage for bachelorette parties, we opted to get matching ones and have them customized with the words ‘Final Fiesta’ – it fits perfectly since Pati’s Spanish and it’s fun! We each ordered our swimwear from Etsy’s MonnogrammedHouse shop, the shipping was fast and the suits were surprisingly amazing quality and flattering on all of us!

The Pool

We arrived on Friday and went straight to our cabana, but first, we took a ton of pictures to get them out of the way so that we can really enjoy the day. Once those formalities were over, the drinks and eats started pouring in. From bottles of Tito’s to daiquiris, coladas to margaritas; let’s just say, we never went thirsty. The staff was amazing and really took care of us the entire time.

The Dinner

Once we got a nice glow from our time in the sun, we headed to our rooms and began the process that only us girls understand; get ready for dinner and a night out. We left the hotel and headed to Ceaser’s Palace where our grub was waiting for us at Buddakan. I ordered the Sesame Tuna dish, which I couldn’t finish because I was full; I still think about it sometimes, it was that good! The ambiance is fun and who doesn’t love to eat under the watchful eye of a giant gold Buddha?

The Ride

Following dinner, we headed back to our hotel via the smooth vibes of our amazing driver for the night: Mr. Big John. He’s part of the crew at Atlantic City Luxury Black Car Service (609-214-1058). He had a super clean giant truck that comfortably fit all nine of us. He let us choose our music and gave us tips on how to handle ourselves on the boardwalk (ie. don’t talk to anyone!). Long story short, we reintroduced him to Mr. Cheeks with the always pumped beats of Lights, Camera, Action! and he totally made our night! He was amazing and I cannot recommend him enough if you’re ever in the area and need a fun and safe ride!

The Club

After a promoter contacted me via my Instagram account, we headed to HQ2 and got in at no charge. The place was still pretty empty since we arrived right when it opened, but we needed no one else to have fun! We danced, cheers’ed the bride-to-be and had a had a great time!

The next day called for poolside views again; I was too tired and the sun made me exhausted the day before, so I opted to skip it and have some alone time in the room. I organized our stuff, (have you ever seen what happens when girls get ready in a room together?) relaxed and watched Forensic Files. For me, that was the best, I just wish that I had thought of trying to find a yoga studio, maybe next time.

Later that night, we went for dinner at Amada, a Spanish tapas restaurant.  Between all the girls, the place got mixed reviews, but since some of us are Spanish and know what the food should taste like, it was hard not to be biased.

All in all, our Patuxca had herself her single Final Fiesta bachelorette party and we all had an amazing time together. Can’t wait to see these girls again for the shower later this month.

Love you so much Pati.


*All reviews and opinions are mine alone and I was not compensated in any way by any of the above-mentioned brands. 

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