Coco Cubano’s Fedora Comeback #CHANEL

Thank you Karl, for bringing back the Fedora. 

As a self-proclaimed hat lover, when I see a hat, I want it on my head, STAT. No matter what the occasion, what the weather, hats are always a good idea.

Are you having a bad hair day? Your answer is, wear a hat. Having a really good hair day? Hats work great then too!

Earlier this month, CHANEL was in Cuba showing off the new Cruise 2017 collection, which for the looks of things is a party in itself. I need to be dressed just like this and go on vacation and Havana seems to be the place!

Fedoras had a brief downfall in the last few years, however, I brought them out to play once in a while. Now that they have a whole new feel, I will be even more inclined to add them to my rotation. 

Here are a few that I found that have the summer’s seal of approval and I’m sure Karl will be fine with them too. 

Asos: Reclaimed Vintage Straw Fedora Hat – $36.00

Zara: Straw Hat – $25.90

Nordstrom: Ted Baker London ‘Teapart’ Straw Fedora – $65.00

H&M: Straw Hat – $17.99

Forever 21: Straw Pork Pie Hat – $5.99





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