Eminem: Rapture Tour 2019 Graphic Tee Style

eminem in a fack trump tshirt on stage

Last month marked 20 years since the release of the Slim Shady LP and alongside millions of others, that also marks my anniversary with Eminem. I remember sitting in the living room with my mom watching TRL one afternoon after school when this funny looking bleached blonde character in costume came on the set, asking me if I like violence.

I was hooked.

Consider me the 90s version of the ‘Heart-Eyes’ emoji – since then, he’s been my #1 favorite artist. But this isn’t a post about how much I think he really is the G.O.A.T. or how big of a Stan I am. I’m here to discuss t-shirts, of the graphic design kind.

I’m all in for graphic tees and I’ve noticed that during the first leg of his Rapture Tour, Eminem has been rocking a different tee. Undoubtedly showing love for his favorite old school hip hop artists from the eighties and nineties. So in an effort to show some style solidarity with the Rap God, I’ve scoured the Internet to find the tees I would wear based on his picks.


3.4.19 – Em revealed at his Perth concert the reason he wears hip hop tees at his shows. #getoutofmyhead

“There’s a reason I do this. It’s because, hopefully, some of y’all might go buy their albums. Might go look’em up. Like, a lot of you maybe you don’t know who Masta Ace was or Kool G Rap. But I feel like you need to know because what they did for hip-hop is so fucking incredible because they made it go to that next level.

And these are the rappers that inspired me, man. On some real shit – So that’s why I rock these shirts, not just because I’m a super fucking fan but also, man, for what they did for hip-hop. So when y’all see me rocking these shirts and if you have it, go back, man, go back and listen to that shit and see how hip-hop has evolved. – For those of y’all who might not be old enough to know.”

Thanks to Southpawer.com for posting.


To kick off Rapture, instead of wearing Mom’s Spaghetti all over his sweater, Marshall opted for Big Daddy Kane tee sans pasta. My pick: This tee is the perfect version for me, loving the distressed look, plus there are so many colors to choose from. Shop it here.

eminem quote

Photo by Jeremy DePutat


a tshirt with big daddy kane on it


Hailing from Brooklyn, The Fat Boys have also impacted Eminem’s career, he wore it with his now signature hoodie and Kangol army cap.

Eminem performing in Brisbane australia

fat boys t-shirt


You down with O.P.P.? Slim Shady is, and you can be too, check out my pick below. Not too many choices that I liked for Naughty by Nature, but this one would look cute tucked in with a pair of high-waisted jeans.

eminem in concert in australia

Photo by Jeremy DePutat


naughty by nature tshirt


Em wore a Masta Ace tee for Melbourne.  I must admit, this rapper from the late 1980s and 90s was not someone I knew. This post is actually turning out to be an interesting learning project. I found a men’s tee that will make for the perfect oversized look.

eminem in concert in Melbourne australia

Photo by Jeremy DePutat

a man wearing a masta ace tshirt


This was a tough one, I couldn’t make out the shirt in so many images, but I was able to finally get it. He’s wearing a tee from the CD cover of Boogiemonsters, a rap group from the early 90s of whom I had no clue even existed. They don’t seem too popular in the graphic tee circuit either, so I have no t-shirt recco for y’all. If you find one, let me know!

eminem in concert in Perth

Photo by Jeremy DePutat

If you get any of these, tag me! Would love to see. Waiting on more New Zealand images to come out and I’ll update this post. Can’t make out the graphic on his chest. In the meantime, check out how I styled the infamous army cap he wears everywhere here.

Here are a few favorites I wanted to add-on.

Snoopgirl modeling a snoop dog graphic tshirt

Biggiemodel wearing a notorious big shirt

East Coast | West Coasta fashion flatlay around a hip hop graphic tee


an eminem graphic tshirt

a tshirt with Eminem on it

a model with an Eminem tshirt


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