Hair Tutorial: How to Create a Textured Ponytail in 5 Easy Steps

Remember Serena van der Woodsen‘s messy ponies and textured “bad girl” tresses? If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, you have lived vicariously through the glamorous life of Manhattan’s elite. An inspiration I took away from the show has always been Serena’s messy ponies, it’s one of my favorite¬†hairstyles. Her hair is my spirit animal. You can see me wearing it here too.

I wear extensions when creating my hairstyles, but you can totally get the look without them if you have the mane for it. I happen to have naturally thin hair, so I need the extra va-va-voom.

STEP one.

Make sure your hair is one or two days dirty so that it has a bit of natural texture to work with. This will especially be helpful at the roots.

Use a crimper on your natural hair then create the same style on your extensions, if you’re using them. For the purpose of this post, I am going to discuss them. I have an old three wave crimper that I’ve had for years. Here’s an option from Sephora that works really well and one that is a bit more affordable.

a girl taking a mirror selfie

Here I have my extensions and hair all crimped – I’m sectioning off my hair and clipping in the additional length and volume.

STEP two.

Once the extensions are clipped in, I use a texturizing spray and make sure my hair feels light and fluffy. Don’t go crazy, only apply small amounts while tussling with your fingers, you don’t want to make your¬†hair look dry or knotty.

a girl taking a mirror selfie

STEP three.

Since I hadn’t washed my hair in two days, I make sure to add dry shampoo to roots – this will clean up without making it feel silky smooth and will still have a good grip to hold when you’re putting it up.

a girl taking a mirror selfie

STEP four.

Put your hair up like you normally would. For a high pony, I like to tilt my head forward so that I can get it right at the top without missing any stragglers. I like to give it an extra boost – so I tie it securely with a strong thick tie and add my Pony-O, an amazing innovation that helps my ponytail stay up and high, it gives it that something extra.

a girl taking a mirror selfie

STEP five.

Once everything’s secure, spray with the texturizing spray that I discovered thanks to my girl Toni Ann at Pati’s bachelorette party last August. It’s honestly heaven-sent for this type of style!

That’s it! It’s really an easy peasy hairstyle that stays put all day and night! If you’re like me and want to save time, your extensions are already crimped – and all you have to do is crimp your natural hair. I’d say it takes about 20 minutes or less.

girl looking away in the summer

Shopping list

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Everything’s linked and you get it all except for the extensions and Pony-O from Ulta.

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Bellami Hair Extensions

Got 2b Mess-Merizing Hairspray

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