How Violet iodine Helped My Monthly Calendar Be Less Painful and More Eventful

This Post is sponsored by Violet iodine, but all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. 

Last month I spoke about How My Mom Inspired Breast Health Awareness and the importance of being able to live a healthy and pain-free life.


For the last 30 days, I have been taking the daily iodine supplement called Violet. The little white pill is the new way to fight breast tenderness, aches and swelling, the kind of symptoms most women experience during their monthly menstrual cycle.

I had been taking Violet iodine for three weeks before my dear ol’ friend Titi Flow arrived sans the usual symptoms. I felt an overall change in her visit this time around. She came with less of an attitude, her entire demeanor was more pleasant than usual. I had to wonder if this change in her personality had something to do with my daily intake of Violet.

The pain and discomfort I experienced was much less intense, barely noticeable even. Violet promises that after continuous use the unwanted pain diminishes to non-existent in many cases.

Putting such importance on a topic that since my teen years I was informed, I had to simply “deal with” has shed light on so many related issues that I didn’t ever really think about.

Thankfully, the Violet iodine website has a ton of information that helped me understand the benefits of taking the pill on a daily basis and to better understand breast health as well as Titi Flow a bit more.

Take a tour and get lost in the easy-to-understand information. You will be happy to know that there is something you can do when it comes to dealing with the symptoms that come with menstrual cycles. Violet iodine has worked for me, pick it up and see if it will work for you, it makes a big difference!


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