Let’s Get Spiritual: Exploring Spirituality

Yesterday afternoon, I had an amazingly zen moment with some of my fave Westchester Blogger Babes. We gathered at Studio 50 Fitness in Mamaroneck where Jen Aloisi Ham gave us the fundamentals of spirituality.

In the last few years, spirituality is something I’ve been interested in, I just didn’t know how to begin. There are a ton of books out there on the subject, however, I feel I’ll be more successful with guidance.

Enter Jen.

a girl doing yoga - namaste pose

Jen Aliosi Ham | @jenaloisiham

I take Jen’s yoga classes all the time and always come out feeling amazing. Both my mind and soul are stimulated when she’s teaching. Her words allow me to bookmark certain feelings I’m having and hope to find ways to apply them to my daily life. That’s what’s been the hardest thing for me, how do I take something that is inspiring and actually make it work?

The girls and I opened up about situations in our lives that spirituality could help with, like manifesting, clearing blockages, intentional shifting and more! So many ‘ah-ha’ moments were had and we all left feeling a little lighter and a lot more determined to apply these methods to our lives. After working on our minds and souls, we moved our body to Jen’s flows – I felt like I was on a cloud!

Not a bad way to start off the week!

If you’re interested in exploring the world of spirituality and how it can help with changing yourself, look no further than Jen’s new Let’s Get Spiritual workshops. She’s launching March 13th and you can find all the info you need on her website. She’s now my Spiritual BFF, make her yours too!

a girl doing a yoga pose - sun salutation

a girl doing warrior 2 pose yoga

Neelab Hussaini | @pearlsandplaces | Peaceful Warrior Pose


a girl doing a camel yoga pose

Simone Piliero | @simplybysimone | Camel Pose


a girl doing upward dog yoga pose

Sheila | @glambysheila | Upward Dog Pose


a girl doing a yoga pose

Jen Aloisi Ham | @jenaloisiham | Setting up for Triangle Pose


a girl doing yoga - namaste pose

a girl doing yoga, upward dog



  1. March 4, 2019 / 11:51 am

    Getting Spritually yesterday was such a great feeling. I really enjoyed talking about blockages and manifesting! I for one had a an “aha” moment for sure! Thank you for getting us together and I’m excited for Jen’s webinar!

    • Maria Lago
      March 4, 2019 / 12:13 pm

      Thanks for joining Sheila! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it! xx.

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