Meet Your New App BFF: Down to Lunch

When was the last time you were stuck in a group text where friends are making plans and even though you don’t want to go or can’t, you feel rude leaving the conversation?

So you sit there silently enduring the pain of hearing every ping until finally you have to leave your phone and walk out of the room.

Group texting can be fun and it’s one of the features we’ve been dying to get our fingertips on since we’ve began tapping away on our smartphones. However, now that it’s here, there’s at least one person in that message that isn’t in the mood or simply can’t engage in the conversation, so it’s safe to say, someone is always getting annoyed. Let’s face it, as much as you love your friends, your phone going off almost as quickly as a celeb Instagram account with the notifications feature on can get irritating after the first five minutes. 

Thankfully there’s a brilliant solution which currently lives just ahead of Facebook in the number 4 spot of the Top Free apps in the App Store. It’s called: Down to Lunch.

The app allows for you to choose the group of friends you want to notify and if you want to go for drinks, lunch or dinner, even the gym! There’s actually a ton more fun categories to choose from and the option to create a custom activity. This way a decision is made quickly, no fuss and certainly no walking back to your phone to find 67 missed texts.

Download it, spread the word and bon appetite.

Here’s the gist of the concept to wet your palette before heading out.


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