A Good Night: My Nightly Bedtime Routine

I’ve always been a sleeper, love sleep! I’ve developed a routine before bed which has evolved into a time that I look forward to each evening. It allows for me to decompress and relax; it’s my favorite time. We all have our own routines, products, and activities we do before we hit the sack, I’ve added levels as I found new ways to be at peace before my lavender infused slumber.

I generally start around 8 o’clock, I know what you’re thinking, your grandmother stays up later, but my routine takes time and it’s a great way to dedicate moments to myself.


Whether I’m in the middle of a 90’s throwback-binge or my newest Univision novela; that’s a time I mindlessly watch and cuddle with the babies. This also serves as some rest time, or play time, depending on Sparrow’s witching hour schedule that night, it varies from day-to-day.


I also use TV Time to set up my necessary orbs. These are my humidifier and diffuser, my salt lamp is on all day, but I turn it off before I turn in because it makes the room too bright to sleep in. Lately, I’ve been adding a custom blend of Lavender, Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang to my diffuser which lights up and if I’m not watching TV, has the most serene sound bites, it turns my room into a relaxation haven. Truth.

The humidifier goes on after the diffuser goes off, no real reason, just part of my quirky process, it’s cold air and it helps all night with getting rid of airborne viruses, does wonders for my skin, and keeps allergens at bay. It’s become something I absolutely require and I use it all year round, not only during the dry winter months.


Once my face and teeth are taken care of, that’s when TV Time is over, it gets turned off and after I do a quick social media check, I start reading. Whether it’s a pick for my book club or something I squeeze in between meetings, I tend to read until my eyelids get heavy while sipping on my favorite tea blend: Yogi Bedtime flavor. Before reaching for my Kindle, I apply a blend of lavender essential oil to my temples, followed by Frankincense oil on the arches of my feet which gets absorbed so much quicker than any part of my body because feet have the most pores on your skin. I also spray two or three sprits of heavenly lavender room spray over my bed and pillow before getting in and moisturizing with my favorite lavender Trader Joe’s lotion.

It may sound like a lot, but really, it’s not, it’s quick, and it helps relax me. Even if it’s totally psychological, the feeling of turning your bedroom into a place you truly want to be in is just as important as choosing the right bedspread.

I encourage you to give some of these a try. You’ll love the feeling!

Goodnight Moon.


Humidifier: TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier.

Diffuser: HoMedics Aspire Diffuser.  Lotion: Trader Joe’s Lavender. Tea: Yogi Bedtime.

Essential Oil Roller: Nature’s Truth Good Nite. Room Spray: Aura Cacia Calming and Relaxing Mist.

Comforter: Goose Down.

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  1. Lauren
    April 5, 2018 / 10:41 pm

    I think I once said I don’t have a routine but then the other night, my husband was quietly laughing in bed – no TV on or book/phone in hand, I asked what he was laughing at and he said “your bedtime routine is so funny”! So I guess I do have one after all. Currently in guatemala- I drink a detox tea , but while studying or relaxing with a book- then the obvious – brush teeth – wash face-moisturize (currently living Kiehls vitamin C serum and Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer). I guess what he was referring to is when I actually get into bed.. first I moisturize my lips with vasaline, then my cuticles , then I have a lavender roller that I made for my trip (doTerra lavender and coconut oil ) that goes on the inside of my wrists , my feet, and my pillow case- yup I roll it right on the sheets- lastly I take two deep inhales from an inhaler I made using DoTerra Breath essential oil …! I take a few sips of water and buenas noches!

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