Overalls, I Partied Like a Kid Again

Sometimes ‘adulting’ can be a real drag, which is why we need to just be a kid again; and that is exactly what I did.

My best friend Anabel happens to have given birth to Aidan; the cutest and coolest kid I know; I love him to pieces! He turned three on Sunday and had a Mickey Mouse themed party, because why the hell not?

When dressing for the occasion, comfort was my primary goal since documenting the day, playing with Aidan and doing a lot of lounging were on the itinerary.

I’ve been wearing my hair wavy lately and I’m loving the ‘big hair’ look, so while shifting through my closet I pulled out the comfy pair of overalls I picked up at Forever 21 with my mom last week. Paired them with a suede tasseled pair of espadrille TOMS and a white tee, and I was set to party like I’m three years old.

Important to mention: The swing set in the backyard was only being used by adults.

It was a lot of fun, my baby Aidan loved every minute of it and we had another day in the memories book.



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