Style Inspo: Bring Forgotten Pieces Back in Rotation

girl standing in a spring outfit

Over the weekend, I attended a girl’s night out with my friends. Michelle was in town from Boston and so we decided that was reason enough to get together! When choosing what I was going to wear, I opted to go back in time and pull my Lita boots out of hiding. It’s safe to say, I haven’t worn them in years and Saturday night, as I effortlessly walked in them, I didn’t know why I hadn’t!

When I first got them in 2012, they were all the rage! ┬áSo much so, that I have an additional three pairs that I would wear religiously. As trends change, so do mindsets, but it’s fun to come back and revisit your past styles, especially in fashion.

This thought process goes hand-in-hand with what I was discussing two weeks ago as I advised to Wear Whatever TF you Want! This is a time in which we begin thinking of spring styles while slowly transitioning our pieces.

I paired the boots with a basic oversized white blazer and the much sought after Pochette Metis by Louis Vuitton. I felt confident and comfortable, there’s something about wearing an outfit that showcases your personality, that makes you feel empowered.

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girl legs showing off boots and Louis Vuitton bag

girl walking in a spring outfit

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