Style Inspo: Wear Whatever TF You Want!

girl with long hair in a faux fur jacket

When it comes to my style, I love trying new trends that others may find a bit questionable. College is when I felt I had the confidence to start wearing pieces that I liked without caring what others thought or if it was too risqué. I used to wear fishnet shirts with bright colored bras (yes, truth). No one was necessarily wearing that style out, except for maybe Paris, but I liked it and wore it for the better part of 2005.

Even now, something so simple as the faux hair coat I’m wearing with this outfit, invited funny comments.

Mamá: “Is that a fox on your back?

Anabel: “Yes, we’ll be right there, me, Leti, Maria, and her coat.

While these comments don’t bother me, I actually find them hysterical; I still feel proud to go out in public wearing what I damn well please and loving it. Also, they come from two people who love me very much, so it’s cool.

girl wearing a fur coat and sneakers posing against an aluminum garage door

My style isn’t even that out there, but I guess in Westchester or Newark (as the case is here) I stick out like a sore thumb. Put me in Manhattan, and not a soul will GAF.

Here’s my thought process on how I chose the pieces and how I was inspired to put them together.

Girl with head down wearing a hat

Almost everyone knows I’m a huge Eminem fan, have been since day one. I can’t say his style ever inspired mine, until now. He always wears different colors of the same Kangol hat and that’s when I remembered my fleeting love affair in 2006/2007 with army caps! Why did I stop wearing them? They’re so cute, plus I love hats! So here we are in 2019, thanks, Marshall.

girl's legs - wearing ripped jeans and green athletic sneakers

How can you not love the athleisure trend that’s been blessing us during the last few years? It’s my favorite thing to happen to fashion, and I’m here for it! These sneakers besides looking fun with a minimalist detail lacing, are so comfortable! They’ve jumped to be one of my favorites and they come in so many colors, make sure to grab yourself a pair! 

girl wearing a winter style outfit

The faux hair coat has been sitting in my closet for two months and even though it was a bit chillier outside than the coat required, I decided for the sake of my personal fashion goals that I had to take it out for a walk. I wasn’t cold, I wore two sweaters to make up for it.

Because the cap was a last minute decision, I wore my Quay Australia aviators. It’s my own personal belief that this type of hat only looks good with aviator style sunnies, not sure if this is a universal thing, but I’m assuming we have the Unabomber to thank for this style inspo.

So, moral of the story:

quote from an Ariana Grande song: I like it I want it I got it

Ariana forgot to add: ‘I WEAR IT’

Do what you want, wear what you want, Go Berzerk.


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