City x Country: The Fall Outfit for the Hybrid Girl

Let’s face it, New York has blessed us with one of the mildest fall seasons in recent history. Who else is struggling, and by struggling, I mean crying because they don’t get to wear their new sweaters as November closes in?

Though it can be tough to see your knits hanging in the closet alone and missing the party, I also don’t mind being able to wear lightweight plaid button downs and no jacket.

I am a woman, hear me be contradicting.

Top by Thread & Supply // Shop it at LOLA New York

This outfit was styled with autumn in mind while boasting a slight underlying tone of a forever summer for the city girl hanging in the country. The top is a classic neutral. To me, plaid tops have been so in tune with the changing season into frigid temps that it’s starting to border on becoming a neutral statement piece in its own right. Here’s looking at you Leopard-Print-Everything.

Anahita Iridescent Fabric Two-Piece Pump By SJP Collection

I decided to pair the best of both worlds with a cool and laid back piece: the velvet legging. Forever comfortable and an ode to the 90s that is transcending seasons and hoping for it to have staying power; velvet is another staple that I keep on hand.

Topping it off with the creme-de-la-creme; the king of all fabrics, the Scintillate which my ‘friend-in-my-head and sole sister’ Sarah Jessica Parker cooked up and that I’m senselessly obsessed with.

Behold: The Anahita shoe.

At a modest 2″ heel height, the Anahita may not stand very tall, but the impact it makes creates a ripple effect that is only palpable to those in its presence. True story, it’s that amazing.

SJP named the shoe after Anahita Moussavian, one of my favorite fashion journalists here in New York. Legend has it that Anahita herself didn’t know the shoe was being named after her until the tabloids reported SJP wearing it at Fashion Week. Here’s dreaming about the day our girl finds my Instagram and names a shoe Pami. I won’t look SJP and don’t worry I’ll act surprised. 😉 Listen, it could happen…

Oversized Plaid Button Down: Thread & Supply / Shop it at LOLA New York.  

Velvet Leggings: Old Navy.  Shoes: SJP Collection. Sunglasses: Gucci

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