Vintage Beach Fashion: Wearing Mom’s One-Piece

For years I’ve asked my mother why-oh-why she didn’t keep her clothes from when she was younger, and every time she gives me the very unsatisfying answer of: “I don’t know, they were just thrown out.

Looking back at old photographs of her younger days, I marvel at all the pieces I would be wearing today if they weren’t gone; like the floral midi skirts, amazing bell bottom trousers and 70’s tops. This makes me wonder what kind of pieces I should be keeping to pass along to my future daughter. 

In every era, we don’t know what’s valuable or worth holding on to until years later, so who can blame her for getting rid of old clothes if they were out of style or she didn’t want them anymore? Hello donation bins and Good Will! 

A few weeks ago I was excited to arrive at my childhood home in Galicia, Spain and discover that my mother had found an old one-piece bathing suit, so naturally I shrieked with excitement and wore it the first day I hit the beach. The suit was a perfect match for my style: hot pink, skinny spaghetti straps and an open back. 

Results: It almost fit like a glove. 

Because I’m not as busty as my mom and a bit more petite than she was, I had some boob room to spare. I don’t have a picture of her in the same one piece alla Kylie Jenner, but I do have this one below, just so you can get an idea of her uh-mazing style. Umm by the way Ma, where is THIS bathing suit!!? Wahh. 

My Mom in her 20’s on Gures beach in Spain

Let this be a lesson to us all: grab a few items that you think might be cool for a future generation. The loafers you’re wearing or the bikini you sported this summer may not be anything more than just that, but in a few years, they will be dubbed vintage and the sentimental value goes up. 

Bathing Suit: Vintage; similar styles here and here

Hat: H&M; similar here

Images taken in Lariño, Galicia, Spain aka a little piece of hidden paradise. 


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