Why You Need to be Using a DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner After Every Practice

In a 60 minute yoga class I get both the benefits of a truly amazing workout and a therapy session all rolled into one. It opens up the body and the mind and as I move through the poses, my mind is moving through a new perspective.

But, have you ever thought about what kind of critters may have submitted a change of address form to go live on your yoga mat?

Well let me paint you a little picture.

You go to class, you practice, you bend, you stretch you sweat, and you roll up the mat. The next time it’s used is when you unroll it for the next practice, after a while, you may begin to think that your mat is starting to smell a bit funky. Um no. This can’t be. You cannot be at your ultimate zen state knowing the very thing that is helping you stay centered is germ’s playground.

This isn’t event the worse of it. In a study conducted by ABC News, they tested several types of mats that came back positive for staph, 12 million counts of bacteria and even fecal matter!! ICK!!!

Honestly, I cannot stress enough how much you need to be cleaning your mat after every SINGLE use. Here is what you’ll need to make your own cleaner, that’s all natural and will keep you safe!

Lavender Essential Oil (3 drops)

Lavender creates a sense of tranquility and eases feelings of tension. During every Downward Dog or Chaturanga flow, you’ll breathe in relaxing and uplifting moods through smell. You can also experiment with how you want your particular solution to smell, if you want a more calming scent add more lavender drop

Tea Tree Essential Oil (5 drops)

Tea Tree oil has powerful antimicrobial properties and can kill off bad bacteria on your mat. Besides it smells amazing and refreshes.

Witch Hazel (1 ounce)

As the main cleansing property of the solution, I like to add a full ounce to my two ounce bottle. Witch Hazel has fantastic cleaning properties and acts as an organic astringent. For a more powerful cleansing solution add more Witch Hazel and fill the rest with water, the recipe doesn’t have to be half and half

Distilled Water (1 ounce)

This can mean you bought a gallon of distilled water or you used your Brita at home. Add it at the end so that you don’t overflow.

Glass Spray Bottle (2 ounces)

I use two ounce bottles since they’re small and easy to travel, but you can choose whatever size you’d like! Make sure to use glass instead of plastic, the oils could break down the properties of the plastic bottle and make it part of your solution, and we don’t want those chemicals on our mat. The glass should be dark brown or dark blue so that the essential oil properties stay strong and last longer. Since there are no preservatives in this cleanse, note that it will need to be replaced if you don’t use it too often. I go through a bottle about every two weeks cleaning my mat every day.

Note that you should be using 100% Pure Therapeautic Grade Essential Oils

*Other oils you can use: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Lemon and Orange


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